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The Addons Multi-Mod is an add-in for "Counter-Strike 1.6" and "Counter-Strike: Condition Zero" game.

The Addons Multi-Mod contains numerous mods and comes standard configured for maximum performance and server control.


Addons zz's Multi-Mod Server ?
Multi-Mod Manager ?
Galileo Reloaded ?

See here:

Basic information on the latest version of Addons Multi-Mod released:

* Galileo 1.1.290 that is a feature rich map voting plugin.
* In the last five minutes or be asked before a vote by the command "say votemod", creates a vote to select what will be the Mod played in próprimo round.
* Developed a multi-page votemod menu system to display until 100 mods.
* Added a currentmod.ini file to save current active mod id and load it at server start.

* Changes the mapcycle, if and only if a custom mod mapcycle was created.
* Made the votemod keep the current mod if less than 30% of players voted.
* Made "Extend current map" right after choose, not to restart the game at the current map.
* Made the "currentmod.ini" store mod ids related to the mods order at "multimod.ini".
* Fixed current mod message is displaying "Next Mod: ".
* Made "Next Mod: " message display there is no actived mod, when there is not.
* When the min vote time is not reached/disabled, display e message informing that. * Added Dragon Ball Mod v1.3
* New multi-mod_core with improved server control.
* Fixed daily_maps incompatibility with nextmap.
* Placed multi-mod_plugin and info to its originals plugins nextmap and cmdmenus. * Added pain_shock_free plugins that disables the slow walking when taking shots.
* Added new Command Menu (h button on the game) with support:
* Enabling Superheros Mod, Mod Predator, Knife Arena Mod and Ultimate Warcraft Mod.
* Greater control of the server and finish the round in a tie, or the CT's or TR's winning.

* Binds configured as walk-continue and fast change.
* Enabling PODBot and commands Superheros Mod.
* Access to the top 15, remaining time of the map and the current map.
* Control of PODBots settings such as quota, time, difficulty, kill, remove, weapons mode and etc ...
* Gravity Change, friendly fire, equilibrium times, times limit ...

* Added support for linux and windows servers.
* Added support for Mac OS PODBot, Linux and Windows.
* Added support for Zombie Plague Mod 5.08a
* Added support for Superheros Mod 1.2.1
* Added support for CSDM (Death-Match) v2.1.3c
* Added support for Gun-Game Mod v2.13c
* Added support for Predator Mod_B2 2.1
* Added support for Ultimate Warcraft Mod 3
* Added support for Knife Arena Mod 1.2
* Added hlds.bat file and to create served by command line in Windows on Linux.

*** Added all the code sources used:
* A total of 450 plugins to sources.
* player_wanted that pays rewards for CT's and TR's most sought after.
* amx_plant_bonus giving a bonus in cash, who plant the C4.
* Amx Mod X 1.82 and PODBot V3.0 metamod Build 22.
* usurf that provides help and other things to surf maps.
* cssurfboards adding a surfboard, (amx_createnpc).

* lastmanbets Plugin bets when left over 1x1.
* BombSite_Radar to see where the locals to plant the bomb
* bad_camper that punishes who does camper indiscriminately.
* multi-mod_core, amx_exec, head_shot_announcer, grentrail, parachute, knife_duel, amx_chicken, adv_killstreak, countdown_exec, ...
* Total possible modification of available resources addons.

See more info here.

It works in Counter-Strike e Counter-Strike Condition Zero updated.

See an updated installation guide here:

To install it Download the binaries,,, and, then just unzip and put the content of
"" or
"" and
and ""
at your Counter-Strike's cstrike or czero folder, replacing existents files. The Counter-Strike's cstrike or czero folder usually is at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\cstrike

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\czero

If your game is different than "cstrike" or "czero", edit your "liblist.gam" at your gamemod folder as the "liblist.gam" at "cstrike" or "czero" folder inside

After installing addons, just set your STEAM ID user.

Please update the file:

***users (user.ini) at folder gamemod/addons/amxmodx/configs

After installing addons, just set your RCON password.

***autoexec (autoexec.cfg) at folder gamemod.

Following the instructions contained therein.

Note 1: In order to use the commandmenu (key h in game). Every server administrator should have the file
above installed, and with the RCON password configured at his own Game Mod copy.

An admin can too just have the folder
with its contents and the files
and "",
with the RCON password configured.

Note 2: The PASSWORD at podbotconfig.cfg at your gamemod folder, serves to create waypoint using the linstenserver (play offline at new game) and add podbots. But who has rcon authentication can also control the podbots.

If you have trouble configuring the server, this is an awesome tutorial on setting an updated Steam server that works with any type of customer:

See here newer instructions for installation:

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